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Tony and Vito Petronelli grew up in Puglia, Italy, where a passion for Italian cooking and culture was ingrained in their DNA. In 1974, the two brothers set out for the United States with hopes of uncovering some of the opportunities proclaimed by many Italians before them. Upon their arrival, it was apparent they could offer a taste of the authentic Italian cuisine and culture they missed so much. That’s when the brothers set out to open a true Italian Restaurant.

Along with Executive Chef Luca Pesci, who grew up and developed his culinary skills in Toscana, Tony and Vito’s vision has been to offer a perfect balance of Northern and Southern Italian Flavors coupled with an atmosphere that delivers a warm, cultural experience. Using recipes that have been passed down for generations, while incorporating new-age techniques and ingredients, Vito does just that. To Tony and Vito, the restaurant is more than business – it’s a trip back home.

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